SPDIF iPurifier


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  • IMPROVE SOUND QUALITY – Enhance the sound of high end CD players, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Netflix, YouTube, Xbox, 4K Smart TVs, Digital Audio Players (DAP), Digital Analog Converters (DAC) or any digital optical audio source
  • REDUCE NOISE – Drastically reduce jitter by rebalancing and reclocking the signal wave for a cleaner sound
  • MULTI DEVICE USE – Use as a splitter for simultaneous optical and coaxial output to two devices
  • GALVANIC ISOLATION – Ensure only the data is passed through without contamination from other digital noise
  • QUIET NOISE FLOOR – powered by the iPower 5V (included) with micro USB adapter lowers the noise even further

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The SPDIF iPurifier optimizes the quality of SPDIF signal transmission and enhances the quality of audio from mainstream devices. Whether you are a movie buff or a hardcore gamer, the SPDIF iPurifier will make sure sound matches vision with stunning quality. SPDIF is the main digital audio output signal for devices such as Apple TVs, PS4, Xbox and 4K Smart TVs. It is common in mainstream devices for the SPDIF signal to suffer from low quality transmission and an abundance of jitter. Got neighbors with noisy power? This can corrupt yours too. Add the SPDIF iPurifier to get a fully restored, jitter free signal that adds greater dynamic contrast, greater warmth and sharper detail to your sound. Netflix will never have sounded so good. The SPDIF is multi-talented. It works with Toslink and digital cables on practically any SPDIF source. And, as it can output both SPDIF and optical at the same time, you can connect it to two devices at once! Plus, it can double as a coax SPDIF to optical converter. It’s Bit Perfect – it doesn’t over or upsample the signal. It’s compatible with DTS, DOLBY Digital and DoP signals and offers full HD support up to 24-bit/192KHz. Soundtracks rock and games feel immersive. The iPurifier runs the SPDIF signal through four comprehensive stages (isolate, regenerate, memory buffer, re-clock) to achieve a fully restored, jitter-free result. You’ll hear greater dynamic contrast, enhanced resolution, greater warmth, and sharper detail. And since coax and Toslink lack native power delivery, SPDIF iPurifier comes with iFi’s 5V DC iPower supply to provide dead-quiet operation. Speaking of no noise: SPDIF iPurifier reduces 50,000 pico-second jitter on most SPDIF sources to five. iFi has indeed thought of everything with the all-aluminum SPDIF iPurifier . Add one anywhere you have SPDIF audio output, clean up that chain or line, and enjoy significantly better sound.


Supported Signals: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz; 16 to 24 Bit, DSD/DoP, Dolby Digital, DTS
Input: Combo optical mini-jack & gold-plated co-axial connector (impedance 75 Ohms)
Outputs: gold-plated co-axial connector (impedance 75 Ohms) & optical mini-jack
Power Supply: micro USB, 5V/500mA ( iPower 5V included )
Dimensions: 71(l) x 19(w) x 20(h)mm/2.8” x 0.74” x 0.79”
Weight: 29g ( 1.02oz )
Warranty period: 12 months