nano iDSD Black Label


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  • POWERFUL AMPLIFIER – Drive your headphones to their maximum performance with the powerful dual-mono 285 milliwatt headphone amp
  • HIGH RESOLUTION AUDIO – Plays all high res audio formats including DSD 256, DXD 384, PCM 384 kHz and MQA
  • EASY CONNECTIVITY – Connect directly to your smartphone Digital Audio Player or tablet
  • PORTABLE DESIGN – It’s a small sized gadget with a stylish black matte finish. The durable but lightweight aircraft grade aluminium case is unbeatable in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) handing.
  • TECH PACKED – For enhanced sound the built in iPurifier technology rebalances the USB signal to reduce jitter and packet errors while the built in iEMatch means it can drive high sensitivity headphones.

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nano iDSD Black Label

What is the nano iDSD Black Label?

If you have hi-res headphones you are going to need some power in the form of an amplifier to drive them to their true performance potential. You are also going to need an exceptional external HiFi Digital-to-Analogue Converter or DAC to process your music files in high-resolution to enhance your experience even further. The DAC in a smartphone, computer, tablet or audio player was never designed for processing high-quality sound. iFi audio has developed top of the line products to meet the various needs and preferences whether you are an everyday listener or an experienced audiophile. The nano BL is an MQA compatible DAC and headphone amp that can be both portable or home-based. At 285 mW max output power at 32R, it can drive most headphones easily. With its Burr Brown True Native Chipset, and added MQA rendering, you have even more file or format choices from MP3, DXD384, PCM384kHz, to DSD256. With proprietary S-Balanced technology headphone channel separation is unchanged with load (requires balanced wired In-Ear-Monitors, also known as IEMs, or over the ear headphones to benefit). Running a high-voltage Direct Drive Amp, the BL gets 3.5V into high-impedance headphones making it suited even for 600 Ohm headphones. The built-in iEMatch means it can drive high-sensitivity headphones at 0.5V with a dynamic range that is virtually identical to that at “normal” output at 2V. It is compatible with an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone and tablet, PC. Mac, desktop or laptop, and DAP (USB C adapter or cable is needed for some Macs and sold separately). Accessories included in the box are: Fabric Carrying Pouch with hole for access to volume control, 2 elastic tethering bands, USB 3.0 A Male to Female 3ft cable, USB 2.0 Female A to B 4in cable, USB 2.0 Female A to B adapter

Note: This product is not compatible with Bluetooth. It will not receive or transmit a Bluetooth signal.

The nano iDSD Black Label has two other iFi products built in:

  • The iPurifier – To isolate USB noise and deliver clean, quality music
  • The iEMatch – To eliminate hiss on high-powered earphones and sensitive in-ear monitors

Input (rear): USB2.0 male type A “OTG” Socket (with iPurifier technology built-in)
Output (rear): 3.5mm line out
Digital Filter: 2 positions, 2 filters
Outputs (front): 2 x Headphone Audio 3.5mm, Direct and iFi iEMatch, compatible with balanced and single-ended connections
Clock: Low-jitter crystal clockAudio
Filter–PCM: Listen(transient optimised minimum phase); Measure(frequency response optmised)
DAC: DSD, DXD, PCM DAC by Burr Brown Bit-Perfect DSD processing, Bit-Perfect DXD processing
Formats: DSD 256/128/64/12.4/11.2/6.2/5.6/3.1/2.8; DXD384/352.8kHz; PCM 384/352.8/192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1kHz;
Line Output and General
Dynamic Range(Line): > 109dB(A)
THD & N(0dBFS Line): < 0.004%
Output Voltage(Line): 2.15V (+/-0.05V)
Output Impedance: < 240Ω
Channel Separation: > 99dB (@ 1kHz)
Jitter(correlated): Below test set limit
Dimensions: 96(l) x 64(w) x 25.5(h)mm
Weight: 139g (0.31 Ibs)

Headphone Amplifier


Dual Mono 2 x 285mW Direct Drive, coupling capacitor free circuit for highest fidelity

Volume Control:

3.5mm TRRS with Balanced compatible wiring

Dynamic Range(including DAC):

> 109dB(A) @ 3v (Direct); > 107dB(A) @ 0.5V (iEMatch)

THD &N (@ 125mW/30R):

< 0.005%

Max. Output (<10% THD):

> 3.5V @ 600Ω Load (Direct) (20mW/600Ω); > 2.9V @ 30Ω Load (Direct)