Gemini USB Cable


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ONE CABLE TO RULE THEM ALL – The iFi Gemini Dual-Headed USB cable will rule them all. Audio and power cables are not laid side by side yet in the USB configuration because of its origins, transmits this way. The iFi Gemini carries Audio + Power in two separate cables. Critically, the special geometry adheres to the 90 ohm impedance specification better than even the USB 2.0 standard. Resistance is 4x lower than textbook.

HIGH QUALITY CONNECTORS – The signal runs through the cable and connector. Therefore, the connector must be as exceptional as the cable. Most USB Cables use moulded plastic covered connections. Plastic cannot shield the high frequencies present in the USB Data link, so noise will radiate out. Durability is also compromised. The FINAL USB connectors provides impeccable end-to-end RF shielding, being machined entirely from solid aluminium. Gold-plated connections make for years of steadfast service.

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Compatibility High-Speed USB 2.0
(24Bit/192khz and higher supported)
Lengths & Weights 0.7m / 220g (0.49 lbs)
1.5m / 240g (0.53 lbs)
Warranty 12 months